3 Tips to Finding The Most Luxurious Gown

Each wedding is as unique as the couple in love getting married. You incorporate your own history, tastes and influences into your special day. One of the central – and most unique – features of the wedding day is undeniably the bridal wear. Bridesmaid gowns, mother-of-the-bride dresses and, of course, the wedding gown are what set each wedding apart and what will keep guests talking after the big day.

In today’s highly accommodating fashion world, brides can rest assured that the right dress is out there – no matter the size, age or personal taste of the individual who will be wearing it. Whether you’re looking for a simple, no-frills dress, an elaborate gown, a dress from a specific designer, or specialty/plus size gown, every bride deserves the absolute best and should be able to get what she wants.

Each bride just needs to know what to look for. Nina Duong, designer and owner of Nina Duong Haute Couture, says “There are three major factors women should consider when looking for the most luxurious gown; they are design, fabric and quality.” As a specialist in the industry, Nina has both the experience and expertise needed to help women find their perfect gowns.


  1. Design

The design is what truly makes a dress unique. There is an endless combination of designs to choose from when selecting a wedding gown. The rule of thumb is that women should pay close attention to designs that complement their figure. Design sets each gown apart, so every woman should select the design that best suits her personality and preferences.

  1. Fabric

Focusing on the fabric of the dress allows women to feel good when they wear it. Silk or satin fabrics provide variations in the comfort, look, and fit of a dress. Women should consider what fabrics both feel and look good when worn.

  1. Quality

Finally, when dress-shopping, a woman should never forget to focus on the quality of the dress. Ask the merchant about the quality guidelines the designer used when creating the dress, look specifically at the strength and condition of the dress. The higher the quality of the dress, the higher your satisfaction will be with the gown’s look and comfort. The key to finding a good quality dress is not necessarily price; it’s the structure and composition of the dress.


A wedding day is a sublime and special event, so it’s no wonder that women – brides, bridesmaids, and mothers alike – are willing to go extra lengths to look and feel good. For maximum satisfaction with the special gown you choose for that important day, never neglect to focus on the design, fabric and quality of your gown. Consult the bridal experts, for the most accurate and personalized assistance for selecting the bridal fashions best suited for you.